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Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Services

The internet has leveled the playing field in many ways for businesses. Getting your message in front of ready to buy customers is easier than ever with online marketing services such as Pay Per Click (also called Search Engine Marketing Services and Cost Per Click), Behavioral Targeting, Display Advertising and Remarketing.

We believe in using an integrated approach to the PPC campaigns that we manage.  What does that mean?  We include an ongoing review of the SEO components of your website while we are manging your campaign. Having a website that is structured correctly is a key element in getting the best results from a PPC campaign.  We work directly with your web designer to make sure that your website is getting the results you need to succeed.   While managing your campaign we also monitor the analytics of your website.  This information is extremely helpful in building a successful campaign.   

Most businesses don't realize what they are being charged for companies to manage their online marketing.  The cost can run between a 30%- 45% markup!   Our company prefers to charge a flat fee for our services. 

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