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Leeann Spiegelberg

Leeann –

would like to take a moment to thank you for the sales & marketing assistance and expertise you have provided to our company this year. I am deeply appreciative of your efforts and of the results of those efforts.

To date in 2014 our sales are up 43% vs. 2013. You have accomplished this with a net reduction in our marketing budget so the results are having a magnified positive impact on our business.

I also want to extend a thank you for freeing me up to work on sales and sales management. Not having to attempt to perform the marketing function within our company has allowed me to concentrate my efforts on sales. The results are reflected in the sales volume increase. I believe this is allowing me to build a stronger team within our company.

And….I want to thank you personally for the reduction in my stress level. The individual marketing reps we had previously dealt with (radio people, yellow pages, print reps…) all called at the last minute and needed the decisions yesterday. Having you act as a buffer for those folks, in addition to your precise and thoughtful planning, has made my work life significantly less stressful. I’m truly thankful for that. Please accept my thanks. I hope our businesses have a long strong run together.

Rod Burke